Street Documentary - Port Weld

Port Weld is about 20km from the cross road to Taiping and Penang along the old Federal road. Drive slowly cos you will find many shops selling prawn mee but do not stop to eat at the very first shop. The last shop may be cooking the best prawn mee. I don't really know, don't ask me cos I have only eaten at one particular stall twice. I am not saying it has the best prawn mee though.

Drive to the town centre and you will find a typical china town.

Along the coast you will find jetties where fishermen land their catch in the evening

Fresh fish and prawns are sold at a good discount over the price in KL. For example a kg. of prawns (XL) cost only RM 24/= here. In KL it cost a bomb to buy them, probably as much as RM 55/= at your favourite supermart.

The jetties are jammed up with fishing boats back with a big haul of fish.

Apart from fresh fish you may also buy dried fish nearby the jetties. However, I am cautioning you about these dried fish, hygienically they are questionable. Think it yourself.

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