Danga Bay

What used to be just a swampy bay for many many years, which was my playground during my teenage days, Dang it no more , Danga Bay is one of the attraction in JB.

With the arrival of the new Millenium, Danga Bay was developed as what U see it today. A marina bay, shopping center etc has been in operation since early 2000.
Danga Bay is set to be a premier waterfront development and one of the highlights of the Iskandar Malaysia, offering amongst others, upscale properties, top-notch retail outlets, thrills and spills of leisure activities, an oasis for local and international food and beverage and top-draw events and activities. Danga Bay Integrated Waterfront City is one of the most exciting areas of development within Iskandar Malaysia.

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Heritage Hotel @ Old KTM Station

I am sure many people know where the Old KTM Station is located but not many people know that Heritage Hotel is housed in the same building. As with KTM buildings, Heritage Hotel too have lots of nostalgic moments. That is why it is so popular with newly wed who likes to be photographed there. Must have something to do with 'longetivity' yea!!!

The elevator is so classic, you can't find it anywhere else other than in HH. It is wooden, even the door and its interior.

The view of KTM HQ from the hotel's lounge.

Drop by HH, you will be amazed by its 'Old is gold' beauty... but not many people would like to spend a night here . Read More!

The New Place To Be in JB - BANAFEE VILLAGE

For many many years, everytime I set my foot in JB I will not miss eating in SS. Last week, my cousin introduced a new place in JB, the place to be. It is called "BANAFEE VILLAGE".

If the name ring a bell, U are right. It is owned by relatives of Betty Banafee, the artist of mixed Malay-Arab parentage.

SS is too packed with customers esp. Singaporeans. It is so noisy that U can hardly chat with yr friends.. Here U can enjoy live music and chat with yr companions. Decor-wise, it is so good. Its tagline is ' Harga kaki lima, makanan hotel 5 bintang' ( 5 foot way price, 5 star hotel food ).

True, true, true .. can u guess the price for the T-bone steak above?

It is so thick yet so tender ... I will give it 9 out of 10, value for money.

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Street Documentary - Port Weld

Port Weld is about 20km from the cross road to Taiping and Penang along the old Federal road. Drive slowly cos you will find many shops selling prawn mee but do not stop to eat at the very first shop. The last shop may be cooking the best prawn mee. I don't really know, don't ask me cos I have only eaten at one particular stall twice. I am not saying it has the best prawn mee though.

Drive to the town centre and you will find a typical china town.

Along the coast you will find jetties where fishermen land their catch in the evening

Fresh fish and prawns are sold at a good discount over the price in KL. For example a kg. of prawns (XL) cost only RM 24/= here. In KL it cost a bomb to buy them, probably as much as RM 55/= at your favourite supermart.

The jetties are jammed up with fishing boats back with a big haul of fish.

Apart from fresh fish you may also buy dried fish nearby the jetties. However, I am cautioning you about these dried fish, hygienically they are questionable. Think it yourself.
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Port Weld

The name Port Weld is not well known to the public but Kuala Sepetang may be a more familiar name. The whole railway line from here to Taiping, was the first railway line in the Peninsular. It has been dismantled but only the ticketing booth and the Port Weld railway signboard remain.

Kuala Sepetang has excellent seafood and is also well known for its
mangrove swamp reserve park which is open to the public daily. It has a boardwalk built over the swamp for tourists, and chalets in which tourists can rent to stay the night on the riverfront.

The village is very popular with its prawn mee. There are so many outlets to choose from but do not be conned by the number of cars parked nearby. You have to try them at a few outlets before you can make up your mind which is the best. Price wise, it depends on the season but typically a plate with 10 - 13 XL size prawns will cost RM 12/=.

If you don't feel like eating prawn mee, you can order other food such as fried rice with or without prawns.

You may also buy fresh seafood from the fisherman port situated at the end of the town.

Here are two happy gals after finishing off their prawn mee.
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Introduction - my 1st entry here

Blogspot ..... Now Everyone Can Blog

This is not my first blog,
you can find my other blogs here :

http://superaro.fotopages.com/ (my travelogue)

http://aro968.fotopages.com/ (my family pix)

but here in my blogspot, I intend to post anything interesting,
basically to document the scenarios I see thro' the lens of my CANON EOS 5D Mk II.

be it just news, things to ponder, nature, environment, laughing matters, blah, blah, blah, .... anything interesting.

I can assure you that I will not ''ciplak" from other blogs.

Happy Reading!!!

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