The New Place To Be in JB - BANAFEE VILLAGE

For many many years, everytime I set my foot in JB I will not miss eating in SS. Last week, my cousin introduced a new place in JB, the place to be. It is called "BANAFEE VILLAGE".

If the name ring a bell, U are right. It is owned by relatives of Betty Banafee, the artist of mixed Malay-Arab parentage.

SS is too packed with customers esp. Singaporeans. It is so noisy that U can hardly chat with yr friends.. Here U can enjoy live music and chat with yr companions. Decor-wise, it is so good. Its tagline is ' Harga kaki lima, makanan hotel 5 bintang' ( 5 foot way price, 5 star hotel food ).

True, true, true .. can u guess the price for the T-bone steak above?

It is so thick yet so tender ... I will give it 9 out of 10, value for money.

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